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Liars by Lucy Lennox & May Archer


A Licking Thicket Novel, Book 2

Parrish Partridge’s True Facts:There’s nothing hotter than a tall, gruff, bewildered, tattooed mountain of a man cuddling a sweet, orphaned baby, so you can tell yourself that you’ll resist him…

But that’s a lie.

And when that man asks you to do him a favor and pretend to be his very temporary, very fake fiance to help him get custody of that adorable baby, you can pretend you know better than to say yes…

But that’s a lie, too.

And when you actually get to know your kind, strong, pullet-loving prince of a fiance, and all his crazy, lovable, meddling neighbors, you can tell yourself you’re not really falling for Diesel Church and the town of Licking Thicket…

But that might be the biggest lie of all.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Just then an old red Mustang came crunching down the drive. It wasn’t the good kind of old Mustang, but the 1980s kind that didn’t look much different from a Toyota Corolla from the same era. The owner probably needed to search my lot for engine parts. I wondered idly what I might have to direct him to.
But when the driver’s door opened and a slender man stepped out in a prim button-down shirt and khaki pants… I recognized the narrow set of his shoulders right away.
It was the cutie from the courthouse who’d helped me calm Marigold down and loaned me his tie while I’d blithered on like an idiot—the one I’d never thought I’d see again, until I’d literally mowed him down outside Mal’s tent the other day, which had been like adding insult to injury. I’d gotten Parrish’s name and pertinent info from Malachi, and I’d sort of debated hunting him up to thank him for all his help, especially since his pep talk had inspired me, but I’d figured I’d probably only find a new way to embarrass myself.
I stared at him. What was he doing here? From what Mal had said, this guy’s family owned a hundred or so barbecue restaurants all across the South and were Brooks and Paul’s biggest client. Surely this clean-cut corporate type didn’t know his ass from an alternator, so he couldn’t possibly be here searching for parts.
I watched as he went around to the passenger-side door, and I swear he was talking to himself in a low voice about forgetting to write down the reheating instructions. He leaned over, showcasing the most delicious little tight ass on earth, and stood back up with some kind of baking pan in his arms covered in tinfoil.
When he turned and found Stewie and me staring at him, he squeaked. “Oh, oh, sorry. I didn’t even see you there. I’m sorry to interrupt.” He looked between the two of us and finally settled on me, blinking his eyes rapidly and flushing pink. “I, um… I came to apologize. And, um…” He looked like he was about to faint from discomfort or something. “Do you like chicken? Never mind, of course you do. Everyone likes chicken. Don’t be ridiculous, Parrish. Lord.”
He was goddamned adorable.
And I wanted him to come closer. In fact, I wanted him full stop. He was easy on the eyes, perfectly put together, gainfully employed, and great with babies. It was like Jesus had looked down on me and sent me the answer to Stewie’s punch list.
And desperate times called for desperate measures.
“Of course I like chicken,” I lied, stepping closer to the flustered man. “Honeybunch. Now come on over here and meet our lawyer, Stewie.” I slid my arm over Parrish’s shoulders and beamed at Stewie. “This here’s my fiancé, Parrish Partridge. Parrish, this is Stewie, the lawyer helping me with Marigold’s custody case.”
I knew the poor barbecue man didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, but I at least hoped I’d confused him long enough to stay shocked into silence. Besides, he’d mentioned wanting to apologize, so maybe he’d go along with it as a favor to me, even though Lord only knew what he’d needed to apologize for.
Parrish’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. Good.
“Fiancé?” Stewie looked poleaxed. “But you never mentioned a fiancé! Diesel, this changes everything. We gotta—”
I ushered Stewie toward the door with a firm hand on his shoulder. “What we gotta do is to get to work on this list! I’ll give you a call in a couple of days. Alright, Stewie? Great. See ya!”
After making a big show of waving him off, I hustled Parrish into the house and shut the door behind me. “Fuck,” I muttered. What had I done?
“Um…” Parrish said, shrugging out from under my arms. “Hi? I’m Parrish Partridge and… have we actually met?”



I am so in love with Liars, the second book in Licking Thicket series. Fake engagement with high stakes set in a small town ticks all my boxes. This is written in dual POV and can be read as a standalone.

What is more adorable than a tattooed badass cuddling a baby and wearing reading glasses? Diesel is a huge teddy bear and him and Parrish have explosive chemistry from the start. His chickens might me my favourite part of the book. Also I love how Parrish has whole conversations with himself.

To say Licking Thicket is a crazy town would be an understatement. It has a ton of festivals with questionable names and townfolk who would steal your heart. But if it wasn’t, Parrish wouldn’t have been to create a whole new tradition on the spot!😂😂

I love how perfect Parrish and Diesel are for each other. You cannot help but fall for Parrish and that big heart of his. Their practice sessions were so much fun. If you’re looking for a book with humour, steam, butterflies, crazy charming town shenanigans and a whole lot of casseroles, then what are you waiting for??

The epilogue is truly swoony and I cannot handle how Parrish turns into putty everytime he looks into Diesel’s eyes. And I’m super excited for Dunn’s book, aptly titled Idiots.

*ARC provided by the author via Gay Romance Review Tours in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

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About the Authors

Lucy Lennox Logo
About Lucy:
After enjoying creative writing as a child, Lucy didn’t write her first novel until she was over 40 years old. Her debut novel, Borrowing Blue, was published in the autumn of 2016. Lucy has an English Literature degree from Vanderbilt University, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the years and years of staying up all night reading tantalizing novels on her own. She has three children, plays tennis, and hates folding laundry. While her husband is no shmoopy romance hero, he is very good at math, cooks a mean lasagne, has gorgeous eyes, looks hot in his business clothes, and makes her laugh every single day.
Lucy hopes you enjoy sexy heroes as much as she does. Happy reading!

May Archer Logo
About May:
May is an M/M author who lives in Boston. She spends her days raising three incredibly sarcastic children, finding inventive ways to drive her husband crazy, planning beach vacations, avoiding the gym, reading M/M romance, and occasionally writing it. She also writes MF romance as Maisy Archer.


2 thoughts on “RELEASE BLITZ, EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY:- Liars by Lucy Lennox and May Archer

  1. Looking forward to this. I liked the first book but didn’t love it.The behaviour of the mother and the ex-girlfriend towards the adorable main hero was off putting. Everybody made excuses for them.


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