BOOK REVIEW: Ghost of Lies by Alice Winters

Ghost of Lies by Alice Winters

Series: Medium Trouble #1

Release Date: October 21, 2021

Page Count: 415 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Though I was born with the ability to see the dead, I struggled with it until my brother was killed and his ghost was left behind. Now, I’m determined to figure out who is responsible for his death… the problem is that Detective Maddox Booker, the one working the case, is a grumpy and stubborn man who wants nothing to do with me and definitely doesn’t believe in ghosts. It doesn’t help that I keep finding myself looking ridiculous in front of the detective, thanks to interfering ghosts who enjoy laughing at my expense. Still, the more I’m around Maddox, the more I realize that beneath that surly exterior is a kind and caring man who will do anything to help.

When another man dies, I know we have a serial killer on our hands—the same murderer who has remained elusive for a year and a half. To add to my frustration, I keep running into Hiro at crime scenes only to hear him claim that he can talk to ghosts. The words of the dead could lead us to the serial killer and even tell us who is next, but ghosts? There’s no such thing as ghosts. Hiro is determined and charming, and no matter what I do, I can’t stop letting him get involved. He’s definitely snagged my attention, but when he nearly winds up dead, I know he’s getting closer to the truth—and if I don’t do something soon, he might be next.

Ghost of Lies is full of action, mystery, humor, and romance. Though more is planned for this couple, the mystery is solved and there is a happy ending.


Ghost of Lies is the first book in a new series and it’s perfect for this spooky season. Hiro and Maddox are amazing together and I loved they work together to solve cases. I have a thing for crime fighting duos!

This is filled with author’s signature humor and banter. Hiro and Maddox have great chemistry and Hiro’s ghost abilities were my favourite part of the book. Maddox is grumpy and Hiro is sunshine, which is always fun. I also loved the secondary  characters, especially Natalie and Sean.

The mystery part quite well done, with some plot twists and surprises. I’m intrigued about the upcoming books in the series and I cannot wait for more from this world. Overall it’s very entertaining and I’d definitely recommend it!

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

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