Release Tour with Exclusive Excerpt, Review & Giveaway: Short Stack by Lily Morton

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Short Stack by Lily Morton


A Short Story Collection

What happens after the happy ending?

Drawn together for the first time, this is a collection of Lily’s short stories about the much-loved men from her Mixed Messages and Finding Home series. Follow them through awkward marriage proposals, birthdays, a fraught babysitting job, and a very drunken Eurovision Song Contest party.

It includes stories previously written for her website and readers’ group, along with deleted scenes and four brand new and exclusive short stories – Bad Valentine, Marrying Jude, Babysitting Billy, and House Hunting.

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A perfect mix of short stories from our favourite couples! I love these men and I’m so grateful for every little snippet of their lives.

Short Stack is a collection of short stories and deleted scenes from her Mixed Messages and Finding Home series. Excerpt for the four new stories, all of them have been previously released through her newsletter or on her Facebook group.

I love Lily’s books. Her brand of humour and banter is something else entirely. This book is pretty low angst as quite a few stories take place after the books. But a dash of pining, a bit of jealousy, some steam and lots of snark makes this a must read for any Lily Morton fan.

My favourite new story would be Babysitting Billy. I’ve wanted to read that ever since she mentioned it in the Jude and Asa extra and it didn’t disappoint in the least.

“I have a war photographer taking my wedding pictures. Why is this not surprising?”

If you love these men, you’re going to gobble this up!

*ARC provided by the author via Gay Romance Review Tours in exchange for an honest and unbiased review


Exclusive Excerpt:

“I’m so sorry,” I whisper into the phone.
“Sweetheart, it’s fine. You can’t help it.”
“But I was due back today, and it’s your bloody birthday. If only this sodding wall painting wasn’t taking so long, I could be with you.” I pause and say in a small voice, “On your birthday.”
“Darling, I hope I have many more. You’re talking about it as if it’s my last one. Not planning to do away with me, are you?”
“Please don’t ever ask me that question after you’ve tracked mud all the way through the house,” I say faintly, and the warm sound of his laughter soothes me a little. “It’s just that this is a special one.”
“I’m forty, not expecting a telegram from the Queen.”
I smile at the surliness in his voice. “I know you’re not enjoying the idea of being forty.”
“Let’s not discuss it,” he says hurriedly. “Tomorrow I’ll be on the wrong side of forty, and I’ll be looking at my teeth falling out and middle-aged spread.”
“I’m pretty sure the wrong side of forty happens when you’re nearing fifty, not the day after your fortieth birthday. And the only spread you’re likely to have is your legs.”
There’s an arrested silence on the other end of the phone. “Milo, you naughty boy,” he says, and his voice is full of heat and amusement.
I shake my head even though he can’t see it. “I’m just saying what you were thinking.”
“Sweetie, that should worry you far more than it does.”
I laugh. “I know. Soon I’ll be striding all over the estate throwing orders out left, right and centre, and posing with my hair flying about artistically.”
“How lovely,” he says silkily. “You make me sound like Biggles.” That makes me laugh even harder, and when he speaks, I can hear the smile in his voice. “Twat!” he says affectionately.
“Your twat though,” I say. “I do love you so much,” I finish fervently.
“I love you too, angel. Always will. And don’t worry about the birthday. It’s just another day.”
“It’s not just any day.” I look over at the pile of carrier bags and the white box bearing the name of a very expensive bakery. “I had everything planned,” I say sadly. “I went out and collected your cake, and I’ve got all your presents here wrapped and everything.”
“Why are my presents there?”
I look incredulously at the phone. “Are you kidding me at the moment? Wasn’t it you who found all your Christmas presents the week before?”
“I told you. I stumbled on them.”
“In a box behind three packing crates in the attic?”
There’s a short silence. “I was just having a look for my shaving cream,” he says in a very martyred voice.


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LilyMorton-Logo-TaglineAbout Lily:

Lily writes contemporary romance novels, and specialises in hot love stories with a good dose of humour.

Lily lives in sunny England with her husband and two children, all of whom claim that they haven’t had a proper conversation with her since she bought her first Kindle.

She has spent her life with her head full of daydreams and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing, because how else could she get to spend her time with hot, funny men!

She loves chocolate and Baileys and the best of all creations – chocolate Baileys! Her lifetime’s ambition is to have a bath in peace without being shouted by one of her family.

Connect with Lily:
Facebook | Lily’s Snark Squad Facebook Group
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