BOOK REVIEW: Hard Angle by Cole McCade

Hard Angle by Cole McCade


Series: Criminal Intentions Season Two #4

Release Date: January 14, 2020

Page Count: 218 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Unsettled tensions from the last case come to a head as Seong-Jae reveals his secrets — but will it be enough to repair the fractures in his relationship with Malcolm?

Especially when their only promising lead on the Golden Ratio Killer’s identity falls apart, along with any hope of returning home to Baltimore and to their life together.

When their primary suspect turns up dead…

…after attempting to kill the daughter of another suspect.

The Golden Ratio killer’s strange web of deception, double-backs, and doppelgangers grows ever more tangled, and as those twisted threads ensnare Malcolm and Seong-Jae, they find themselves pulled ever further apart. Not even Malcolm’s patience may be able to save them, their relationship a painful casualty of their job.

That doesn’t mean he won’t try.

But Malcolm’s desperate attempts to hold them together put them in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And that unfortunate coincidence?

Might just end both their lives


What the fuck is that cliffhanger?!!!!! The shit is going down!

I’m so glad that Seong-Jae and Malcolm finally talk and we get more of their banter. Seong-Jae is fucking adorable when he’s hissing and spitting out words like he’d rather stab himself with a fork. He’s so cute when he blushes. This book has some of my favourite moments between them.

“Because you never find yourself as cute as I do.”
“Do not use that word.”
“The c-word? Dirtiest four-letter word in the English language, I know.” Malcolm smirked, leaning in. “Cute.”
For his troubles, he earned a horrified look, a curled upper lip…
And a long hand splayed over his face, shoving him back.

What the hell is up with Min Zhe? And Sila is still creepy as ever. I loved Anjulie and Gabi even if I can already see Gabi’s heart getting shredded to pieces.

Gabrielle couldn’t say no.
Not even when her heart was breaking.

And Malcolm says some of the most beautiful lines ever. SWOOOON!!!!!

“Detective Lieutenant Seong-Jae Yoon. Pain in my ass, breathtakingly beautiful, dryly funny, shockingly intuitive, terrifyingly intelligent, annoyingly pedantic, a brilliant detective, consumingly intense in bed….and who will kill me if I ever call him Scott.”

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