BOOK REVIEW: The King and his Vigilant Valet by Charlie Cochet

The King and his Vigilant Valet by Charlie Cochet


Series: Paranormal Princes #3

Release Date: March 31, 2020

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



The past has a way of catching up with you, even if you are immortal. I’ve spent thousands of years as the valet and companion to the powerful King of All Shifters. It has been my honor and duty to protect, serve, and advise him. I never intended to fall in love with him. My past is filled with death and bloodshed, but I never once regretted keeping Alarick safe. Now an evil I thought long gone has resurfaced, determined to kill Alarick and plunge the world into chaos. Saving Alarick means revealing the truth about myself. I don’t know what’s worse, failing to protect the king I love, or watching him turn away from me in disgust when he discovers what I really am.


As King of All Shifters, my powers are connected to the cosmos, and I have been around since the dawn of time. There are few things that can kill me. Unfortunately, one of those things has escaped its prison and is set to destroy me. The only weapon that can defeat this creature is the Scythe of Kronos, which has been missing for nearly as long as I have lived. When Jean and I set out on a quest to find the scythe, questions I had long ignored must now be answered. What is Jean’s connection to this evil? Why will he trust me with his life but not his secrets? As my most trusted valet, and my greatest friend, surely nothing that happens along this perilous journey can change what I feel in my heart for him. Or can it?



Finally!! I’ve been waiting for this since the first book in this series and it is perfect! While this can be read as a standalone, I’d recommend reading them in order for maximum amount of pining. And also cameos from Grimm and Owin, so yay!

I love them so much. It is quick, sweet and such an amazing story. This book has a lot of reveals so I cannot say much on the story excerpt YOU NEED THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFE!!!

Alarick is so clueless ’cause everyone else can see how much Jean loves him. Has loved him since forever. I love have Alarick has absolutely no filter. Those apologies!🤦‍♀️

And that epilogue is adorable! Totally recommend this to everyone ’cause you cannot NOT fall in love with this couple!

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