BOOK REVIEW:- Backdraft by Cole McCade

Backdraft by Cole McCade


Series: Criminal Intentions Season 1 #10

Release Date: April 10, 2019

Page Count: 231 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


When a 911 call goes wrong and a young man goes missing, it falls to Malcolm and Seong-Jae to investigate the responding officers when Internal Affairs’ internal politics leave the case compromised and the officers aren’t willing to talk. But with Seong-Jae on the wrong side of the thin blue line, tensions just may turn violent before the detectives find their answers–and only their trust in each other will keep this investigation from hitting a dead end. Will Malcolm and Seong-Jae’s savage love survive the test, or will this case end in self-destruction?

With Sade mysteriously vanished once more, taking one of their major assets out of commission, it’s anyone’s game. Especially when their missing young man becomes a dead young man…and no one will admit who’s truly responsible for his violent demise.


This book is sort of the tipping point. Almost like the beginning of the end. The mystery was top notch and kept me on the edge the whole time. Though I think the case will come back to haunt them.

Sade’s arc is finally making a bit of sense but still so much is unknown. I’m pretty sure Sade and Huang will get a book and I’m really looking forward to that.

Malcolm and Seong Jae!!!! Maybe I should stop gushing about them in every installment but truthfully, I just can’t.

I love you too much, too fast, too soon.
And I am afraid that you could never love me. 
~Seong Jae

This book ends in the biggest cliffhanger in the series yet and I have no words to describe the last chapter. I can’t even imagine what will happen when Seong Jae’s lies come to light. All I wish is that he doesn’t hurt Malcolm. Atleast not too much.

You, Malcolm thought, his heart so full its overflow felt as painful as weeping, are more beautiful than I deserve.

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