BOOK REVIEW: The Dichotomy of Angels by N R Walker 

The Dichotomy of Angels by N R Walker


Release Date: December 26, 2019

Page Count: 327 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Nathaniel and Chasan are no ordinary angels.

Destiny chose them to be twin flames, fated mates. But Nathaniel has avoided Chasan for nearly a thousand years.

When sent to Earth on a mission to live and work together, Nathaniel comes face-to-face with his destiny. Short-tempered, petulant, and grumpy, he hates the idea of being fated to anyone and has chosen an existence of isolation rather than spending time with the calm, kind, and serene Chasan. But now he has no choice.

One is fire, the other is air; a true dichotomy of angels. Together they will be ignited, or they will be extinguished. This assignment will seal their fate either way.

* * *

85,000 words. A sometimes-funny, sometimes-serious story about love, destiny, and other heavenly disasters.


Wow! I’m so in love with this book! Last read of the year and what an amazing way to end 2019.

✔Fake Marriage
✔Fated Mates
✔Frenemies to lovers
✔Opposites attract

Is there a more perfect book for me? N R Walker writes amazing books, and this one is not any different. It made me laugh throughout. Although I’m agnostic, I devoured this book. And I love how creative Nathaniel is with his swearing as he’s banned from swearing.

Chasan and Nathaniel are total opposites. Fire and Air. Oh, Nathaniel! He’s my favourite. I love his growth throughout the book, how he opens up to Chasan more and more. He’s jumpy and scared and so afraid of falling in love.

I highly recommend this book. It made me feel a lot of things- I was sad, happy, angry, hurt. Also I have always been fascinated with angels and all kinds of mythology. This book is a must read!
And Zophiel and Raguel are adorable!

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