BOOK REVIEW: Rescue Me by K M Neuhold

Rescue Me by K M Neuhold


Series: Heathens Ink #1

Release Date: March 28, 2017

Page Count: 248 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


I’ll save you as many times as I have to, even if it means saving you from yourself

My heart pounds erratically as the crowd swells around us, panic thick in the air. This can’t be how I die, not here, not tonight. Through the throng of bodies, I can see him…Thane. Of all the ways I thought tonight would end, this wasn’t even on my list. Pain lances through me and I can tell by the look in his eyes that whatever just happened, it’s bad. My hand reaches for my leg and I find it sticky and wet with my own blood.

Whatever happens, I know Thane will save me.

Screams, and blood, and tragedy haunt my dreams. I’m alive and I owe it all to the gorgeous former marine who refused to leave me for dead. But how can I start a new relationship when I’m not even sure who I am anymore?


I’m probably a bit late to the party but I finally started this series. I’ve been wanting to Royal’s book for a long time and then I thought, fuck it, I’ll start from the beginning! An what an amazing decision!

I loved Madden and Thane. I was in a sort of book slump but I just finished this book in one sitting. It’s a great start to the series. I’m curious about a lot of people, especially Adam.

I liked how Thane and Madden had an actual conversation about how he moved out. I didn’t like it ’cause it was so abrupt and I’m glad Thane confronted him. I really liked them together. The epilogue was so cute and the bonus short was even better.

On to Royal’s book! I seriously cannot wait!!

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