BOOK REVIEW: A Villain for Christmas by Alice Winters

A Villain for Christmas by Alice Winters


Series: A Snow Globe Christmas #4

Release Date: November 25, 2016

Page Count: 281 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Despite growing up in a family of villains, I’d rather curl up and read than commit crimes. When I get coerced by my brother into helping him rob a bank, I run into August, my childhood crush—also known as Chrono, the city’s greatest superhero. He’s sexy, sweet, and suddenly he’s asking me to Thanksgiving with his parents. It’s probably because he doesn’t realize that I’m Leviathan, a villain with the power of telekinesis. And I can’t tell him because he’d never forgive me and would stop doing things like cooking for me—wait, maybe that would be a good thing, since he’s a terrible cook. It doesn’t help that my parents think they’re the ultimate villains and won’t stop getting in my way, although they can’t even steal toilet paper without getting caught.

But when real supervillains (not the wannabe kind that I grew up with) start targeting August, I might be forced to show everyone who I truly am: a slightly warped and snarky man who’d really rather read a book than save anything… besides August. I’ll tear this world apart just to get another glimpse of him in those glasses and spandex suit. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him safe, even though it means exposing my true identity. Luckily, August still cares about me, proving that even a villain and a hero can fall in love. Hopefully, we’ll be able to save the world in time for Christmas.

This ridiculous and snarky holiday novel is 92,000 words and contains a villain turned unlikely hero (even if he’s a manager’s worst nightmare), a superhero with a fondness for suckers who absolutely does NOT use his powers to cheat on board games, a hairless cat with an unfortunate name, bumbling family members that try to be evil but are mostly just embarrassing, a snow globe with mysterious powers, betrayal, true love, a risqué Santa suit, and the saltiest chicken ever.

Although this book is part of A Snow Globe Christmas series, it is a complete standalone, and it isn’t a requirement that you read the previous books to follow along. We wish everyone a happy holiday season.


I’ve always loved villains more, Loki and Joker are my favourites (also huge batjokes fan), so this book was just perfect!

Landon and August are adorable together. Their romance is soooo weird but they are perfect for each other. Landon’s family is not really evil, just a bit on the quirky side. I cannot believe they forgot Brandon, his brother, for 3 days!!

“You were the cutest little kid back in middle school when Landon was fawning all over you. Then when you became a superhero, Landon made me buy him all the posters of you. He told me it was so he could throw darts at them, but instead of darts, there were tissues lying everywhere.”

“Oh. My. God. Kill me now,” I groan.

This book is filled with Alice Winters’ signature humor. I laughed a lot, be it Landon’s family’s antics or Landon annoying the shit out of Valerie. Also August trying to get his attention by doing pretty much anything else than talking is gold!

It’s hard to believe how this man can make me so happy. He makes me feel wanted and cared for. He makes me ache for him with the way he always wears a smile and has a kind word. And I love it best when it’s only directed toward me.

This book is told entirely from Landon’s POV and contains slight angst. A very fun Christmas read. The epilogue was just lovely. Also I hope we get a Lex and Nolan book! Fingers crossed!🤞

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

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