BOOK REVIEW:- Blasphemy! by TJ Klune

Blasphemy! by TJ Klune


Release Date: 11 December, 2018

Page Count: 51 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


When he sees Satan stuck in a rut, God provides a little divine intervention, suggesting the Devil get back to basics.

Taking God’s advice, Satan answers a summons to a crossroad on Earth, hellbent on brokering a deal in exchange for the soul of the human who summoned him.

The problem with that is the summoner is a deviant twink named Jimmy who immediately falls in love at first sight, much to Satan’s dismay.

Blasphemy! Where God is a frat bro who wants to get his brother laid, Satan absolutely does not have time for this shit, and Jimmy wants to climb the Devil like a tree.


Wow!! What was that?? I actually don’t know how to explain this one! This is something you have to read for your self!

He hated when people called him nice. He was anything but. He was the Dark Lord. The Snake in the Garden. The Evil Blight upon the world. He wasn’t nice. He wasn’t cordial. He was the monster who haunted the dreams of the innocent. He stripped the flesh from their bones and drank their blood as they begged for mercy.

This novella is hilarious! Definitely not what I expected! I haven’t read any of TJ Klune’s books before (which is a blasphemy!) but I will remedy that! If you’re not easily offended and is open minded, you’re going to enjoy this one! What a ride!!


It’s available for free on the author’s site here

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