BOOK REVIEW:Broken Play by Baylin Crow

Broken Play by Baylin Crow


Series: Sugar Land Saints #2

Release Date: June 25, 2019

Page Count: 150 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


We’re friends, teammates—and we hook up. Often.

Shaw: He’s intense and the heat of his stare is hot enough to set fires.

The first time we got together, it was a spontaneous earth-shattering moment. I wanted more. So, of course I popped the question.

“Yours or mine for round two?” That’s where the trouble began. We agreed on an exclusive, no strings arrangement. When one of us is ready to walk away, we’ll still be friends. Perfect, right?

He’s not exactly a people person—understatement of the year—but I’ve seen the real him and he’s so much more than the broody loner others see him as.

But the brilliant plan backfired. I accidentally caught feelings.

Bishop: He could be my game-changer but there’s a problem.

He put a dent in my armor when he decided I needed a friend. Then he managed to crawl under my skin—and between my sheets.

He’s the one person in the world I trust, and he’s mine, for as long as this lasts. But I think I messed up and likely lost him for good.

The role in my family’s company I’ve been groomed for my entire life competes with my growing feelings for him. Turns out I can’t have them both.

What a terrible time to realize he means more to me than just a friend and convenient hookup.

Being friends with benefits is the perfect arrangement until someone falls in love.

Broken Play is a story about finding that one person that gets you, choosing your own future and the love of football.


This book is smoking hot with lots of sexy times and a bit of spanking.This is fuckbuddies to lovers book and one of my favourite tropes. Bishop and Shaw have amazing chemistry together. And it’s a sports romance!!

I haven’t read the first book in the series but this is a standalone with dual POV and I didn’t feel like I missed anything.

Bishop, broody and mysterious,was one of my favourite characters. I hated his father though. ‘Worst father of the year’ award goes to Mr Shepherd! We do get a little bit of the typical rich kid/poor kid drama but I loved Bishop and Shaw.

Is the next book going to be Rendon and Nash? I hope so as I think the epilogue sets up for their book. Looking for toward to it!!

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