BOOK REVIEW: The Twelfth Date by Stella Starling

The Twelfth Date by Stella Starling 


Series: #boyfriendsbybLoved #2

Release Date: November 30, 2018

Page Count: 358 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Friends with benefits? Best Christmas present ever.

Nicky Masters is a hot mess and he knows it. After all, every boyfriend he’s ever had has told him so, and—since they usually follow it up with some version of, “too much work, not worth the effort”—avoiding boyfriends altogether sounds just about perfect. The only problem? The part about Nicky secretly yearning for things like true love and a happily ever after… something that scoring a job at bLoved, the gay dating app that promises to help find exactly that, seems perfectly suited for.

So far, even with his in at bLoved, Nicky still hasn’t managed to find what he’s looking for, but what he has found is almost better: Felix Ramirez, the hot AF new hire with the sexy smile who—for some reason Nicky still can’t figure out—actually said yes when Nicky volunteered as tribute to be Felix’s new friend (with benefits!).

Perfect, right? Just as long as Nicky doesn’t go and do something stupid, like fall for him…

If there’s one thing Felix “the Ram” Ramirez knows, it’s how to be thankful for what he’s got. Pushing for more is a bad idea—something he learned the hard way when doing exactly that caused him a career-ending injury that cut his Major League Baseball career short. Ever since then, he’s decided it’s best to just roll with whatever life hands him, and when it hands him Nicky Masters, life starts to look pretty damn good again.

Well… except for the part about Nicky not being interested in anything more than a friends-with-benefits arrangement. Still, if that’s all that’s on the table, Felix will take it, because the last thing he wants to do is scare Nicky away by pushing for more. At least, until Christmas rolls around and—thanks to bLoved’s Twelve Dates of Christmas promotion—Felix realizes that with a little holiday magic, he just might have a chance at getting everything he wants this year…


Loved this book!! And who doesn’t like Christmas stories?? Even if it’s just July. Nicky and Felix are absolutely adorable. And I don’t even mind that we didn’t get the one year they were friends with benefits.

This is dual POV and second one in the series though it can absolutely be read as a standalone. Loved the twelve dates for twelve days of Christmas and should I even say anything about the twelfth one? It was simply gorgeous!!

Loved Felix’s family. His mom and sisters are amazing. Nicky is fabulous! Loved all the colour and glitter (especially glitter bombs exploding in him when Felix laughed) and the eggplant emojis🍆🍆

This books leaves you with feelings of happiness and true love and Christmas magic and forever.

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