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Want Me

Neve Wilder

M/M New Adult Romance

Release Date: 05.08.19

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Two roommates. One calculus
exam. A whole lot of extracurricular activity.


Living with four other guys, it’s
bound to happen.

Every guy’s been caught taking
care of business at least once, right?

It shouldn’t be a big

But I don’t know Eric as well as
my other roommates, and things are a little awkward now.

He’s a loner. A mystery. Quietly
confident. Smart.

Sexy as hell.

I’ve been happily subsisting on
the typical frat guy diet of booze and sorority girls.

But the way Eric looked at me that

There was something

Something that’s got me curious.

Something that’s stirring up
feelings I thought I’d left behind for good.

Something that’s making me think
I’m not as straight as I thought I was.

I can’t get him off of my

I don’t think I want to.

So when he offers to help me
study for a midterm I’m convinced I’m going to fail,

I take him up on it.

It’s innocent.

Probably. Maybe.

There’s no way I could’ve known
what it’d start…

This is a super steamy
standalone new adult/college mm romance with HEA that unfolds across six “episodes”
following Nate and Eric. Now bundled up in one collection with a bonus episode for a seamless
reading experience. 87,000 words.

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“You all right?”

“Yeah, stressed, as usual.”
“Calculus? I can help.”
“Nope, philosophy this time.”
He wrinkled his nose in sympathy, then laced his fingers behind
his head. I turned my focus back to the page I was reading, then realized I’d read the same
sentence three times in a row. I could feel him watching me, and when I turned my head to
check, I was right. His gaze trickled down from the crown of my head to my lap, slow as a drop
of water down the glass of the window behind me. My cock jumped in my pants, and I shifted
my legs restlessly. The thing needed a leash.

“You want some stress relief?” he offered.
No. It was on
the tip of my tongue to say it, because I was frustrated by the whole situation, but fuck, the way he was sitting there so casually, his legs sprawled, his thickening cock starting to push at his
fly… I inhaled deeply through my nose, and as I exhaled, found myself saying, “Like

“Not sure yet,” he mused, posture straightening. He moved to
the edge of his seat, scooting his chair in closer so he was right next to me, and even though I
kind of knew what was coming, I still flinched when he laid his hand over the top of my

“Not right here,” I said, lowering my voice. But fuck if I didn’t
widen my legs in the same breath, a taboo thrill running through me at being in public. Shit,
regardless of Eric, I was starting to think I really did have a thing for being watched—or the
threat of getting caught, at least.

Eric palmed my crotch, spreading his fingers over the bulge in
my gym shorts. His warmth seeped through the silky mesh fabric and woke my cock right the
fuck up.

I glanced around. There was no one to either side of us, and
behind me was just a bank of windows that looked over the main quad below. But there were a
trio of heads in the carrels across from me. I could hear them when they whispered or turned a
page in their books, and I had to muffle a growl when Eric tucked his hand behind the waistband
of my shorts, grazing his fingertips over my swollen head.

“No?” It was practically a purr, and it rolled over my skin like
warm oil and flooded me with furiously spreading heat that tightened my balls.

He took my silence for the assent it was, and I clamped my
lower lip between my teeth as he wedged his hand deeper into my shorts and wrapped it around
the base of my cock, giving it a sharp, pulsing squeeze that made me suck in a breath.

“Yeah,” I stuttered out, my dick jumping in his hand as he
squeezed again.

“Good deal.” He gave me a few light, feathery strokes that had
my hips surging up into the contact, and then his hand tightened like a vice around my shaft,
thumb tracing my head in a tantalizing sweep as he leaned in. His whisper washed over me like
pure, searing desert heat, the ownership in it shooting straight to my core and making me dizzy.
“I want that nut you’re working up right now.”
“Fuck,” I hissed so loud that when I glanced up, I could see the
person in the carrel across from me trying to subtly peer over the divider.

I hunched over my desktop to conceal the view of Eric’s hand
as it plunged deeper, scooping up my balls and kneading them.

“That sounded like a yes to me.”
“Not here,” I whispered again and yanked his hand from my
pants. Even though by then, shit, I was definitely seeing the appeal in letting him get me off right
there. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay quiet enough, and though the thrill of possibly getting
caught was hot, the reality of a charge for public indecency was not. I needed some ninja skills
for that, or a lot more experience, and the whole novelty of getting off with a dude who knew
what the hell he was doing was still so keen-edged that I didn’t have a shot.

“Spoilsport. I was enjoying the challenge, but I guess you’re
right.” Eric picked up his sucker again, stuffing the wrapper in his back pocket. “You’re a noisy
fucker, so maybe a little more buffer is a good idea. Come on.”


Neve Wilder lives in the southern
US, where the summers are hot and the winters are…sometimes cold. She is a mom to three
rambunctious weebeasts who have joined forces in a mission to carpet the family home with
toys and small items that really suck to step on at six in the morning.

She reads promiscuously across
multiple genres, but her favorite stories always contain an element of romance. Incidentally, this
is also what she likes to write. Slow-burners with delicious tension? Yes. Whiplash-inducing
page-turners, also yes. Down and dirty scorchers? Yes. And every flavor in between.

She believes David Bowie was
the sexiest musician to ever live, and she’s always game to nerd out on anything from music to

And finally, she believes that love
conquers all. Except the heat index in July. Nothing can conquer that bastard.

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