Book review (ARC):- Wounded Soul by Annabelle Jacobs

Wounded Soul by Annabelle Jacobs


Release Date: 29 April, 2019

Book Length: 91k



One night can change everything… 

Jesse Sykes has lived far longer than his youthful appearance suggests. Becoming a vampire after tragedy struck seemed the only option when his soul was shattered, after all he’s no stranger to having to hide what he is from the rest of the world. But eternal life isn’t without problems or heartache.

With a good job and great friends, Ian Moreton’s life would be almost perfect—if only he wasn’t in love with his best friend. His feelings are unrequited, and in an effort to move on, he takes a chance on a one-night stand with the handsome stranger he meets in a bar.

Jesse knows the risks of becoming attached to a human, but with neither of them looking for anything serious, where’s the harm? At least, that’s what Jesse thinks until his chemistry with Ian proves off the charts.

A second hook-up solidifies their connection…and brings Jesse to his senses. He scrambles to protect Ian from danger, but it’s already too late. With Ian unwittingly drawn into a world he knows nothing about, events are set in motion that will change both of their lives forever, and it’s up to Jesse to steer them safely through it.


Loved this book. It’s been a while since I read a vampire book and I sort of missed it. This has the pretty standard folklore/ mythology (speed,strength, death by sun etc.) so nothing new there.

Ian and Jesse are pretty hot together. Loved the chemistry and sex. Falling for a human when you don’t age is bad. I always think like one character will live forever and see the other grow old and die. But most books get around that so it’s alright. This one deals with that halfway through but I didn’t see that coming.Peter. I fucking hate that sick bastard. He deserved what he got. This book makes you love the good characters and hate the bad ones. There’s no grey area. There were times I was on the edge of seat. Read it in one sitting and loved it.

I loved Lys and Cate. Badass female characters? Sign me right up. Raph and Liam. Is there something there? Or is it just me?(it’s probably just me)

*ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review

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